A Moment For Me


MoMe Cards are essentially flash cards for grown-ups. Each card has a positive message on it promoting mindfulness, positivity and self-love - visual cues as little reminders to you, to take a moment for you.

Photography by MoMe

How To Use Your MoMe Cards


MoMe Cards are to help encourage us that making moments for ourselves throughout the day is okay and can actually benefit those around us.

Place a MoMe card on your dressing table while you are getting ready for work, stick one on the door of your fridge, use one as a bookmark and place one on your desk at work. Each set of MoMe Cards consists of 10 flash cards - so that's 10 little reminders for you - each containing a positive message to get you through each day! Place one anywhere you think you might notice and read it...and above all, create a tiny little moment for you.