New...Mini MoMe Cards

The idea for Mini MoMe cards came about after my 11 year old daughter Fay, placed her favourite MoMe cards in her bedroom - on her locker, on her mirror and at her desk - and they really seemed to have a positive impact on her. When she packed them in her suitcase to bring with her on holidays I knew that I needed to create a set of Mini MoMe cards especially for her and other girls and boys of a similar age. I have had many conversations with my daughter about friendships, school and growing up so I wanted the messages on these cards to reflect that while also giving encouragement and praise.  Each card is double-sided with “you” and “I” because sometimes it’s more powerful to be told something positive and sometimes it even more powerful if we tell ourselves.

I have also created a set of the original MoMe cards is this smaller size also as they can fit neatly in individually in your wallet or you could fit the full pack in your handbag. Each is presented in a lightweight easy-to-open plastic holder and will be ready and up live on the site to purchase by the end of this week - just in time for Christmas!